How it works
The opening section of the teaching notes identify the leadership themes in the case study as well as offer some practical suggestions about how to teach it in your leadership courses. These are followed by a substantial segment on background material; in this part, aspects of the social and historical context deemed critical to a good understanding of the text are explained. After this comes a survey and description of management and leadership theories which students often find helpful in analyzing the leadership dynamics in the case study. Questions shaped to stimulate class discussion come next; selective answers and additional commentary useful for conducting the discussion are supplied. The teaching notes conclude with a carefully selected bibliography.

A Proven Teaching System
Professors at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the world have adopted Hartwick Classic Leadership Cases® for both their undergraduate and graduate business, management, organizational behavior, and leadership courses. These case studies can be used either as supplements to existing texts and readings or as stand-alone materials.

For assistance with integrating Hartwick Classic Leadership Cases® and Hartwick Classic Film Leadership Cases® into your business, management, organizational behavior, and leadership courses, contact the Hartwick Humanities in Management Institute at 1-800-942-2737.

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