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Time Mastery
Stop merely managing time, and learn how to master it - by increasing your level of temporal intelligence.

Time Mastery includes dozens of examples of leaders whose temporal intelligence has helped them achieve business breakthroughs at organizations such as GE, 3M, Staples, and Dell. Learn how to develop six time mastery behaviors, illustrated by intriguing examples from sports, science, history, and the performing arts, as well as business.

Published in June 2005 by the American Management Association, Time Mastery takes a fascinating, in-depth look at a surprising new leadership skill.

Time Mastery has been well reviewed in a number of places. The Toronto Globe & Mail says the book "will expand your conception of time. It makes for ideal summer reading." The CEO Refresher calls it "an excellent book and one of the best of the year!" CIO Magazine says "Time Mastery is full of persuasively argued, time-based solutions and is well worth putting on a summertime-or anytime-reading list." And Business Book Review has chosen Time Mastery as one of the best business books of 2005.

Retail Price: $19.95


The Center for Association Leadership publishes Institute article "Mastering Time" in its April 2006 Associations Now magazine. Click here to read.

GAMA International Journal includes an article on Time Mastery by John Clemens in its July/August 2006 issue. Click here to read.

Movies to Manage By
A good film can also teach. Charles Foster Kane, the tragic protagonist of Citizen Kane, is the perfect example of how hoarding power can lead to chaos in business and personal matters. Dead Poet Society's John Keating is the archetype of the employee who has affected change downward but has not solicited the support of superiors.

In this entertaining and instructive book, you will see how film is indeed an untapped source of leadership wisdom for businesses, large and small.

Retail Price: $14.95

The Classic Touch
In Homer's day, a hostile takeover meant blood and arrows, not mergers and layoffs-yet The Iliad is a valuable guide for steering the right course in today's tricky business world. Shakespeare's King Lear has more to say about succession, delegation, and decentralization than do most management texts. And Thoreau's "Walden" offers astute observations on what can happen when an organization gets too big.

This award-winning book offers a truly rich understanding of the art of leading.

Retail Price: $14.95