Leadership Development Training

Reel Ethics: Gaining Moral Insight Through Film

A good film can touch your heart, your mind, and your conscience. In this unique leadership development training seminar, participants watch provocative film clips that show characters in serious ethical dilemmas. A rich-and often profound-discussion of corporate ethics is the result.

Scenes from the films Jerry McGuire and In Good Company illustrate the importance of speaking out when something isn't right. The intense opening of the mountain-climbing film Vertical Limit catalyzes a discussion of making difficult ethical decisions in impossibly short time frames. A scene form The Insider shows how one man solves a complex, life-altering ethical dilemma. Scores of additional film scenes dramatize ethical and moral moments of truth in this leadership development training seminar.

The takeaway from Reel Ethics is a new sense of moral courage; one that unforgettably reminds participants that taking ethical stands should be a much higher concern in our culture. They come to understand that it is one thing to talk and theorize about ethics, quite another to behave ethically. And they leave the leadership development training seminar with beliefs and tactics that will enable them to deal successfully—and morally—with the complex ethical challenges that they face at work, at home, and in society.

As with all Hartwick seminars, the ultimate goal of Reel Ethics is the discovery of new, personalized leadership insights-which participants translate into new leadership behaviors. For example:

“I will have the courage to do what I think is right.”
“I will challenge my organization when appropriate if I have different ideas.”
“I will aspire to consider the greater good in my decision-making.”
“I will present myself well to my peers in times of uncertainty or turmoil.”

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