Other Hartwick Leadership Institute Seminars

Rewriting the Script on Customer Service
From Jack Nicholson’s famously hilarious chicken-salad-sandwich speech in Five Easy Pieces to Juliette Binoche’s confectionery prowess in Chocolat, this Hartwick Leadership Institute seminar’s carefully selected film clips provide a storehouse of provocative material on how to treat and mistreat customers. After a short discussion of each scene, creative insights into customer service emerge. Then the participants rewrite—and reprise—the scene. The involvement is astonishing, and the takeaway is a new set of customer service insights and behaviors.

Emotional Intelligence on Film
This Hartwick Leadership Institute seminar brings emotional intelligence alive and takes it to the next level. Relying heavily on scenes from documentary films such as The Fog of War and Touching the Void, the Hartwick Leadership Institute seminar enables participants to see emotional intelligence behaviors in action. Renowned EI competencies such as empathy, self-awareness, social awareness, self–assessment, self-management, relationship management and developing others through coaching are emphasized.

Custom Hartwick Leadership Institute Seminars
The Institute’s repertoire of more than one hundred and fifty literature and film cases, each of which has been field-tested in corporate training environments, can provide the raw material for half- or full-day Hartwick Leadership Institute seminars tailored to your specific needs. We are delighted to work with you to create these unique learning events.

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