Leadership Development Program: The Leadership Kaleidoscope

Leadership Lessons from Great Films
In this no-lecturing-allowed leadership development program, participants view carefully excerpted cinematic leadership “moments of truth,” each of which catalyzes a rich and energetic discussion about the nature of leadership. From 12 O’clock High and Citizen Kane to The Matrix and Remember the Titans, provocative leadership insights are revealed and discussed in an energetic give-and-take that produces fresh leadership insights and behaviors.

A good film, after all, teaches unforgettable lessons precisely because it does what no lecture or text can do. It involves participants, providing a mirror in which they can see-and critique-their own leadership behavior. It provides an indelible picture of leadership behaviors-in-action, inviting them to consider ways in which they might emulate that behavior. And a good film clip in a leadership development program encourages participants to become one of the actors, enabling them to see themselves playing the lead role, to actively consider alternative courses of action, to wonder "What would I do in this situation?"

Unlike most leadership development programs that get people to “buy in” to a particular concept of leadership delivered by lecture or text, The Leadership Kaleidoscope enables participants to both hear and see leadership in action. The result? An enhanced personal model of effective leadership.

What past participants said about our leadership development program:
“This seminar showed me what it takes to be a great leader.”

“I left the seminar completely recharged—and inspired to think about my own leadership style.”

“Wonderful class! Perfect pace, fascinating content, good balance of activities.”

“Simply the best leadership class I ever took.”

To obtain more information about our Institute's leadership development program, please call 1-800-942-2737 or e-mail [email protected].


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