CRASH: Beyond Stereotypes

Soon after Crash premiered, it became clear that this was no ordinary film. Stunned audiences talked about-- and debated-- the film for days afterward. Critics universally lauded it for its message and its storytelling. Crash received the Oscar for Best Picture of 2005.

Why the commotion? Because Crash tackles the difficult issues of racial sensitivity and stereotyping like no film ever has. It is a truly amazing film-- with the power to change the way people think about race.

Our seminar Crash: Beyond Stereotypes explores the film and spurs rich, meaningful discussion among participants. The experience is guaranteed to be unlike any racial sensitivity training your organization has ever used. As with all Hartwick Leadership seminars, the ultimate goal is to generate new leadership insights that translate into new leadership behaviors.

The seminar is available in half-day and full-day formats, as well as a "train-the-trainer" version. See why the City of Virginia Beach now requires all of its 500+ police officers to attend this unique and valuable seminar.

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